ISR-MT3DMS Overview


In-Situ Remediation (ISR)-MT3DMS is a three-dimensional model that provides users with a number of innovative and unique modeling tools for simulating transport of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals such as hexavalent chromium, and radionuclides.  These modeling tools facilitate improvements in the cost-effectiveness of in-situ remediation alternatives, and they help to increase our understanding at complex sites.

ISR-MT3DMS was developed based on the MT3DMS model framework.  ISR-MT3DMS incorporates the flexible organic and inorganic reaction framework from BioRedox (Carey et al., 1998).  BioRedox-MT3DMS was developed by Dr. Grant Carey (now with Porewater Solutions), with support from Dr. Paul Van Geel (Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario) and Richard Murphy (GHD, Waterloo, Ontario).  Partial funding for BioRedox-MT3DMS development was provided by GHD.  BioRedox-MT3DMS has been cited in a number of publications, including ITRC Bio-DNAPL2 (2007) and Rifai et al (2010).

The ISR-MT3DMS code is currently undergoing development to add a number of new tools, including:

  • Local domain approach to reduce the computational burden associated with modeling diffusion-dominated transport in 3-D models;
  • Integration with the mass-discharged based NAPL Depletion Model (NDM) to represent changing source strength for natural or enhanced attenuation;
  • Updating the reactions package to include second-order kinetics for ISCO simulations, and branched decay chains for radionuclides;
  • Unique visualization of modeled redox zones;
  • Incorporation of radial diagrams to compare simulated output with field observations for multispecies simulations; and
  • Calculation of contact time between contaminants and reagents in source zones, and mass flux/mass discharge calculations at user-defined transects.

ISR-MT3DMS will be available in the public domain in 2018.  Please contact Dr. Grant Carey (tel: 613-270-9458; email: for more information, or to arrange for a beta version of ISR-MT3DMS prior to the official release date.

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