ISR-MT3DMS Optimization


One of the applications for ISR-MT3DMS is to estimate the benefit of partial or complete source zone containment/treatment, based in part on plume response when back-diffusion is limiting the risk reduction associated with source zone treatment.  It is important to design integrated management options which optimize the risk-cost-benefit associated with this complex inter-relationship between source zone treatment, and downgradient plume and risk reduction.

Porewater Solutions is collaborating with Dr. Larry Deschaine (HydroGeoLogic) to integrate ISR-MT3DMS simulations with the Physics-Based Management Optimization program PBMO™ Toolkit developed by HydroGeoLogic, Inc. (HGL).  HGL’s state-of-the-art PBMO™ Toolkit provides the most comprehensive and robust optimization tool for direct and customized applications to a wide range of environmental and resource management problems.

Click here for more information on the PBMO™ Toolkit.

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