PFAS Consulting Services 

Porewater Solutions provides industry leading modeling and forensic services for evaluating PFAS transport and remediation in support of regulatory and litigation projects. Through collaboration with state-of-the-art research including multiple SERDP and ESTCP projects, we have developed unique software tools that we apply in our projects to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions. 

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PFAS Products

In-Situ Remediation Model (ISR-MT3DMS)

Porewater Solutions has developed a unique PFAS reactive transport model (ISR-MT3DMS) capable of simulating the performance of in-situ colloidal activated carbon barriers. We are currently using ISR-MT3DMS to provide modeling support on multiple SERDP-ESTCP projects for the U.S. Department of Defense.

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Visual CHEM

Porewater Solutions has developed an innovative PFAS visualization and database tool (Visual CHEM) which uses radial diagrams to provide a powerful forensic assessment tool. Radial diagram maps provide a wealth of information for evaluating spatial and temporal trends for a wide range of PFAS. Unique redox radial diagrams facilitate the identification of areas that are favorable for precursor transformation to PFAS of Concern.

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NEW ***  e-Learning for Environmental Professionals

Porewater Solutions is pleased to announce a new series of environmental training products which will be available starting Fall 2024. These e-learning modules use multimedia-rich strategies to keep learners engaged and to enhance learner retention of key concepts. Our e-learning products are self-paced and can be taken anytime and anywhere. 

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U.S. Patent Pending – PFAS Water Treatment

Porewater Solutions has filed a U.S. patent claim related to a specialized water treatment process that will enhance PFAS treatment in granular activated carbon (GAC) systems. This patent applies to both large treatment plants and point-of-use systems.

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