R&D Projects
R&D Projects

Recent R&D Projects

  • Development and verification of a colloid transport model for simulation of emulsified oil or nano-scale zero valent iron (nZVI) injection.
  • Technical advisor to Regensis for evaluating various modeling strategies for simulating Plume Stop performance.
  • Estimation of model input parameters for modeling back-diffusion (in collaboration with Dr. Brent Sleep at the University of Toronto)
  • Influence of physical and chemical properties on back-diffusion timeframe (in collaboration with Dr. Beth Parker and Steve Chapman at the University of Guelph).
  • Optimizing In-Situ Remediation using ISR-MT3DMS and PBMO (in collaboration with Dr. Larry Deschaines at HydroGeoLogic).
  • Benefits and limitations of partial DNAPL treatment, considering back-diffusion in the source zone and downgradient plume.
  • Derive attainable goals for mass discharge (i.e. source strength) reduction based on the use of bioremediation, ISCO, or thermal treatment technologies.
  • Development of regression equations for estimating physical characteristics based on K, including: total and effective porosity, tortuosity coefficient, transverse dispersivity, irreducible water saturation, and capillary pressure-saturation characteristics.
  • Development, verification, and validation of the NAPL Depletion Model for comparing relative timeframes of source zone natural and enhanced attenuation alternatives.
  • Development, verification, and validation of In-Situ Remediation (ISR-MT3DMS) for improving the cost effectiveness of long-term site management.
  • Development of ModRad for visualizing where natural and enhanced biodegradation is occurring in groundwater.
  • Development, verification, and validation of Vapor-2D for simulating density-dependent vapor flow and transport.
  • Development of methodology for estimating the rate of dilution due to intra-source by-passing in residual DNAPL.
  • Modeling of persulfate diffusion into a fractured rock matrix during a long-term tracer test (in collaboration with Rick McGregor at In Situ Remediation Services).
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